You have found the online home of the Alliance for Global Education and Leadership, Inc. AGEL. We hope you will enjoy viewing this brief description of our organization’s purposes and objectives. Our web site features unprecedented possibilities and partnerships that expand interaction and innovation between cultures and communities, and nurtures human capacities with respect for cultural practices and values. Please visit us again to obtain vital information about activities, programs and special events that will advance the cause of Civil Rights and Diversity education, outreach and advocacy, professional development for educators, and public -private sector leadership development worldwide.

Our Mission

Our aim is to do what it takes to promote a culture of excellence that motivates and enriches the educational experiences of all children and educators by engaging the Literacy Diaspora through:

  • The development of diplomatic relations with and between countries to develop, enhance and sustain, science , technology, engineering, mathematics, research and development enterprises in partnership and collaboration with governments, NGO’s, universities, foundations and medical institutions.
  • The development of K-12 Science Mathematics, Music, Art, Reading and Technology – SMART program development and multidisciplinary learning experiences, for gifted and “differently abled” children.
  • The creation of innovative education healthcare, agriculture and medical models of global partnerships, networks and alliances, and by developing strategic cooperation and collaboration between caring educators, parents, community leaders, policy makers, healthcare education and industry leaders in developing countries and in the US.

Our Strategic Goals

To link and align educators and leaders with a network of strategic partners and experts through cooperation, collaboration,innovation and exchange of leadership, teaching and technological expertise; utilizing effective executive coaching experiences to validate our experiences while transforming human interaction linking the world to our shared purpose.