The Alliance for Global Education and Leadership (AGEL) is a non-profit, international professional SciCollege Studentsence Mathematics, Music, Art, Reading and Technology – SMART education advocacy and improvement program led by experienced and distinguished educators in active partnership with business and community leaders.

AGEL conducts professional development institutes, conferences, hands-on workshops and international training tours for the worldwide community of quality education advocates. AGEL sponsored programs and activities embrace and celebrate diversity in ways that give participants unique opportunities to experience new levels of multi-cultural understanding.

AGEL’s multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural, human-centered approach:

  • removes barriers that impede academic progress,
  • provides discovery experiences that increase competence and self-confidence, and
  • gives access to partnerships that encourage and stimulate innovation and creativity.

AGEL sponsored programs promote excellence and place special emphasis on empowering educators and students to achieve high level success in the study of Mathematics, Science and technology.