Diversity and Civil Rights Capacity Profile

Senior Executive Service
Associate Administrator, Civil Rights  and Equal Employment Opportunity  , NASA

U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Chief, University Affairs
Acting Chief Complaints and Appeals Staff
Equal Opportunity Specialist
Office of the Director

•    EEO Policy Analyst, USDA
•    EEO Investigator
•    EEO Counselor and Mediator
•    EEO Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
•    Diversity Trainer

Provides executive leadership in the development of Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity programs, training, complaint processing and database design and automation., management, monitoring and  resolution; counseling, investigations and adjudication.

Provides training , guidance, support to the Director, Civil Rights  in Federal Agencies and Corporations in performing a variety of highly confidential and politically sensitive tasks and assignments between  the Federal Agencies and  the U.S. Congress, to fulfill official obligations and responsibilities of the Federal Civil Rights Agencies, Offices, staff; and its Equal Opportunity Programs.

Provides policy guidance, administrative and technical support in the coordination of Equal Opportunity activities with public-private agencies and private organizations.  Provided leadership, training, investigation, management  guidance on  EEO remedies and  Alternative Dispute Resolution Strategies

During  Federal career in Civil Rights, provided authoritative advice and guidance to USDA  and NASA  pursuant to Title VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964; reviewed policies and regulations as they affect programs, delivery of services and equal employment opportunities, and coordinated investigations.