Education Officer, Africa Bureau
Human Resources Development Officer
Department of State- Agency for International Development
Washington, D. C.,

Skilled in  providing professional and technical resources, program design and management services, temporary duty support and assistance to the Africa Bureau, Education and Human Resources Division, in support of the education, workforce training, international policy and programmatic mandates and functions of the African Bureau.Dr. Freeman in Swritzerland

Assisted in the development of science education, instructional technology and employment programs, initiatives and strategies, to increase the institutional and human resource capabilities of U.S. universities and colleges, with special attention to increasing the participation of Historically Black Colleges and Universities in USAID-funded research, technical assistance activities; contract and grant programs; management training; participant training, project monitoring and evaluation activities, on international boards, panels, and policy related programs and activities.  Developed bilateral agreements; planned symposium and conferences, including coordination of materials, resource management, logistical organization, presentation, debriefing of panel participants and coordination of materials for conference proceedings as required.

Top Secret Clearance

  • Provides technical advice and temporary duty assistance in the development and formulation of issues pertinent to monitoring, review and evaluation of Education and Human Resources Division’s program activities, field reviews, program evaluation summaries and proceedings as required, in Africa
  • Experienced in planning and conduct of training programs, program and task documentation and evaluation, seminars, conferences, preparation of media presentations, exhibits, and proceedings
  • Researched legislation, appropriation committee directives as related to USAID programs and university proposals.  Provided staff work for determining legality and feasibility of proposed projects
  • Developed inter-agency technical support agreements, statements of work, and logical frameworks for conduct of feasibility studies
  • Developed Education and workforce training programs in cooperation with the South African Government and the U.S. Department of State, Agency for International Development in Botswana, Johannesburg and other countries in South Africa, during temporary duty assignments
  • Reviewed studies, project evaluation summaries, program recommendations, experimental, investigative, and educational activities; descriptive, and theoretical  materials which relate to the scientific and educational phenomena in international education, in an effort to assist in the development and integration of academic and technological infrastructure and improvement of colleges and universities, particularly in Africa
  • Enhanced technical competencies to enable African farmers and educators to undertake national agriculture education planning, and agricultural policy analysis
(USDA-USAID Inter-Agency Detail)
USDA/Office of Grants and Program Systems (OGPS)