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The Alliance for Global Education and Leadership has developed an innovative series of customized and transforming, research, experiential and content standards driven training and coaching initiatives, designed to promote personal and professional achievement and success in several focused areas:

Young Child

Designing and implementing and positioning University research, degree, certificate programs and laboratories in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, research and development and medicine for accreditation and degree conferral that o address regional and national needs in the international community

  • Designing and implementing Parent Empowerment Programs for Shared Success
  • Developing and implementing Hands On – Minds On Interactive Science, Technology,
  • Engineering and Math K-12 technology games and Enrichment Programs
  • Preparing Students for Transformational Thinking and Global Leadership
  • Proactive Executive Coaching .Mind Mapping and Leadership Assessment and Realignment
  • Growing Our Own: Preparing Women for careers in Leadership in Education, Politics and Media
  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall We Share the Same Culture After All. Preparing Schools, Educators and Communities for Cultural Competency, Acceptance and Celebration
  • Diversity Training: The Common Heritage in Uncommon Times
  • EEO and Civil Rights Training, Investigations, Mediation and Counseling